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The Best Bridesmaid Gifts that are Thoughtful, Practical - and aren’t Cheesy.

The thought of asking someone ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ comes with a lot of responsibility. These are the people you think will be your friends for life, through good times and bad. These are the people who will stand beside you on the most special day of your life - so choose wisely.

Bridesmaids are arguably the backbone of any wedding, whether it’s answering to the brides every beck and call or stepping into the firing line to tell a drunken guest to stop crying and get their shit together - they deserve a pretty grand gesture when it comes to thanking them for taking on the most exciting yet stressful role…. ever.

We’ve put together a curated selection of our most coveted products specially designed for these intimate moments, whether you’re proposing to your bridesmaids and asking the all important question, or sending them a thank-you gift they can treasure for years to come.

    1. The Blair Eye mask - being budget conscience for your wedding can be a fine-art, so at only $79 these classic, yet contemporary eye masks featuring a sequinned ‘bridesmaid’ motif, packaged in a sustainable linen clad designer slipcase is the perfect option. Your bridesmaids will quite literally be needing all the shut-eye they can get in the lead up and after your wedding, so you know that this double-silk-stuffed silk eye mask is the perfect practical option. 

      Bridesmaid gift bridesmaid eye mask

    2. Ride or Die and Wife Life Tees
      At $139, these organic cotton tees are the ultimate essential for bridesmaid gifting. These statement tees can not only be worn on the morning of the big day whilst getting ready with your squad, but they have been designed to tie-in to any bridal aesthetic. With their classic black velvet lettering Ride or Die, these tees can be given to those who also may not have made the cut of ‘bridesmaid’ but nonetheless you want to feel special; think mother-in-laws, sisters of the groom, childhood friends - wear them endlessly after your special day without feeling gimmicky. 

      Wife Life bridal tee bridal gift

      Bridesmaid gift bridesmaid tee

    3. The Penelope Pyjamas
      Give your posse a bridesmaid or wedding gift that’ll last them long after you’ve said I do. The Penelope Pyjamas are the ultimate luxury gift for bridesmaids, coming in at a cool $329, these pure silk 22-momme pyjamas will last a lifetime. Ivory silk with black piping creates the perfect sheen and colour combo for beautiful ‘morning of’ photography. Wearing full-length pyjamas has such an Audrey Hepburn Hollywood-style sophistication and class to an otherwise very contemporary day. What better way to ensure everyone around you feels beautiful, special, and dressed appropriately on what is otherwise your day. Perfect for bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, sisters.

      Bridal pyjamas bridesmaid gifts

    4. Monogramming
      If you want to go the extra mile and put together an all out pamper filled pack never seen before for your loved ones, at special request Silki The Label is able to monogram your own set of silk pyjamas for either the bride herself, her ‘ride or dies’, or gifting.

      Bridesmaid Gifting 2022 2023

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