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Double Stuffed Silk Eye Masks

Silki The Label eye masks are the ultimate night-time essential for luxury lounging and glamorous nightwear. Double silk stuffed and no plastic in sight, this is the future of dreaming. Check out the Bridal Edit for exclusive Bride and Bridesmaid gifting, sure to delight.

To Bed, or Not To Bed

Silki's organic silk pillowcases are woven from pure mulberry silk as recommended by beauty and health experts worldwide. Sleeping on silk results in less wear and drag on delicate facial skin, reducing premature ageing and resulting in smoother hair cuticles.  Silk regulates your body's temperature, ensuring you have a cool nights sleep, no matter where you travel.

The Robe Of The Season

Explore the premium collection of pure mulberry silk robes and dressing gowns by Silki The Label. New Zealand designed, STL encapsulates the essence of elegant nightwear and luxury lounging.

Our coveted El Dorado print is now back in stock, featuring our signature motifs. Welcome to the #STLWorld.

I was lucky enough to be one of Silki The Labels first customers. The quality of the silk is outstanding. Definitely the best on the market. I can't wait to continue my Silki addiction.

Georgia Bradley

I was given an Eye Mask and Pillowcase as a wedding gift. The quality is amazing and I feel like I'm getting a better night's sleep. You have thought of everything with your beautiful products.

Nicola Johnson

My first impression of Silki The Label was that the packaging is beautiful. The multi lingual text on the boxes is an incredible touch. I wish other brands would follow suit. I'm looking forward to purchasing more of your products.

Ella Matson