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Bridal Pyjamas, Robes, and Slippers to Wear on your Wedding Day

You’ve spent hours mulling over which hair and make-up look you’ll be sporting on the big day, of course the dress, veil and shoes are all locked in, but what about the morning of? The day after? The weekend that is to be the best weekend of your life?! Yes, even the outfit you choose while getting ready will be documented amongst your most treasured memories, so it probably deserves to get a little attention.

Bridal Robes NZ

For those who’ve been married or have had the honour of being a bridesmaid, we know the process of getting ready takes almost half your day. You’d be lucky to start getting ready at 6am and all be finished by 10am - more likely it’ll be midday or just after by the time you wrap up. 

The morning of the wedding is spent with your closest friends, your bridesmaids and possibly your parents or future in-laws, so throwing on whatever mis-matched set of flannel pyjamas you've had since university isn’t likely the best option - but then neither is the sexy lace number you were hoping to wear the eve or more accurately, early morning of your wedding. 

Bride and Mother of the Bride Wedding Day Robe

Our biggest tip for brides? Ensuring you can unbutton or easily remove your morning outfit without compromising your hair or make-up - this usually is best in the shape of a robe or pyjama set like our essential Penelope Set.

Bridal pyjamas pyjamas

Wanting to match? Silki The Label’s sizing currently ranges from 0-4 (NZ size 6-16) whilst we are constantly working expanding these. We believe every bride and bridesmaid should not only be included, but celebrated on such a special day. 

Bridesmaid gifts Bridesmaid pyjamas

Last but not least, remember that the day will go by so quickly you'll forget the time - but your feet won't! There's a lot of standing around and cold floors in the early hours of the morning, try Silki The Label's Marigold or Coco slipper, crafted from soft, sustainably sourced sheepskin to keep your feet happy all morning long.